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I'm visiting the island - what steps should I take if I'd like to make an appointment?

It is our intention to create a unique, and custom tattoo for you, and with you. To get started on making an appointment, please send us an email, including your idea the location, and any references you have (these will only be used to ‘refer’ to, we are not interested in duplicating tattoos), and if you have one, your artist preference. If you’re coming from off-island, please indicate your arrival and departure dates. If needed, we will schedule an art consultation followed by an appointment date. We look forward to working with you.

How painful are tattoos, how should I prepare?

Some areas are more painful than others. The intensity of the process of being tattooed varies from person to person.  To prepare yourself, shower, be sure to eat, drink plenty of fluids, and get a restful night’s sleep. Especially when getting a larger piece it’s good to be mindful to not overexert that particular part of the body beforehand. For instance, if getting a shoulder tattoo, don’t paddle the river the day of your tattoo, or if getting a calf tattoo, try to do your long hike on a different day other than the morning of your appointment.

What is your shop minimum?

$100 for a seat at the table.

What is your pricing?

Single session pieces are given an estimate based on size, location, and detail. Multiple session pieces are priced at $175 an hour.

I'm coming with family, can they stay while I'm getting tattooed?

We have an intimate shop with a two-chair waiting room, however, there are many points of interest in the surrounding area.  The beach and the Kapaa all-purpose path (for biking, walking or running) are both within 100 yards of our front door.  Java Kai Coffee and Fish Bar Deli are downstairs and are recommended for food and drinks, and there are a number of shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Are children allowed in the shop?

We are a small shop and it is an adult place, where tattooers are focusing on their clients and their needs and clients are coping with the difficulties of their discomfort. We’ve found that although there is an inconvenience of finding childcare for just an art consultation, the time spent during the consult is irrelevant if both parties are unable to be fully present. Depending upon your needs, there are vetted childcare providers on island through Kauai Babysitting Company.

Is tipping my artist customary?

Tipping isn’t required, but it is always appreciated.
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