Little Tsunami Tattoo & art studio - Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii
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Little Tsunami Tattoo & art studio - Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii
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About Little Tsunami Tattoo & Art Studio Little Tsunami tattoo studio in Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii
Mahalo Kauai!

As one of Kauai's most recommended tattoo shops, Little Tsunami Tattoo would like to thank our clients, both first timers and return, for it is our relationships with you that help make this one of the most amazing careers in the world. We are honored to have the pleasure to tattoo in such a beautiful place and to be in an industry that is ever growing.
About the Shop

Little Tsunami Tattoo opened Oct. 8th 2006, with Acacia Jones, Andrea Bak, and Chanel Anderson. The shop was completely built out to look as it does today with the help of some amazing friends who donated their time, sweat, and energy. The shop had a lot of love put into it, and I think that, like a home cooked meal, you can feel the difference. So another big Mahalo (thank you) to all of you that made this place possible.
Our Artists

Some people have come and gone and perhaps you have been fortunate enough to have a lovely piece from one of them, but at this time it is the likes of Acacia, Chanel or Rebecca that you will most often be greeted by as you walk through our doors. This is our second home and we consider each other family. It is with this in mind we welcome you into our shop to share with you our perspective and talents.
Artist Biographies

Acacia Jones

Tattoo Artist, Owner
Tattoo Portfolio

Instagram: monkeypiejones

I have been tattooing for over 15 years here on Kauai. I enjoy creating custom tattoos that leave room to breathe, appease the eye, and stand the test of time. I have been doing art since I can remember so my influences stretch far and wide. Whether it’s Polynesian, Asian, color, or black and grey I enjoy finding that perfect mix of new and something that fits just you. I have studied Polynesian, Buddhist, Thibetan, and Hindu art and am very influenced by their rich imagery.

I have a deep love for botanicals and nature in general. I enjoy a challenge and love switching it up. Thank you for checking me out, I look forward to creating something amazing with you.

Chanel Anderson

Tattoo Artist, Owner
Tattoo Portfolio

Instagram: chanelvis

I think pencils without erasers may as well be pens and are completely worthless. I’m not fond of long toenails. I think that inflatable rafts with cup holders were one of the most ingenious inventions in the last 100 years.

In my experience, my favorite tattoos, both the ones I've created, and the ones I wear, are the product of a basic concept and then the interpretation of the artist. I am a fan of contrast, movement, length, and composition. I enjoy working in more styles than not. I find I am more likely to be excited by something new, than the same thing the same way. Each tattoo is a snapshot of both the wearer and the artist, and I don't take my end lightly.

I continue to be inspired by the challenges and rewards of tattooing. There’s something about the creation process of a person’s tattoo, when we as artists are choosing the lines that they’ll wear forever. It is in that moment that I’m reminded of what an honor it is to do what we do. Thank you for looking and considering us to be part of that moment for you.

Rebecca McMahon
Rebecca McMahon

also known as McManager

She’s most likely to be your “first response” to any emails, phone calls, or front desk interactions. She has been with us since 2008. She is the oil in the machine, and our level of gratitude for her runs pretty deep. She hustles to keep us all happy, yourself included. Hence, we find her undeserving of moments like, “Oh, you're just the manager…’ So when you meet her, know she is a valuable member of Little Tsunami and she most often is the go-between of client and artist. She likes gifts of unicorns, chocolate, and wine.

Little Tsunami Tattoo & art studio - Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii